Mystic-Wizard Experience

The Mystic-Wizard Experience

The Mystic-Wizard Experience is based on two decades of teaching students to enter the inner world through shamanic pathworking journeys. The journeys introduce and connect people to a living stream of wisdom and spiritual empowerment. The goal of this regular journey practice is the creation of a supportive container for egoic transformation. The result of a sustained daily routine is a transformation of the egoic self leading to a direct connection to the soul and the perception and experience of Pure Awareness. The result of these developments is significant. They lead to an awakening to and integration of soul, shadow, and Pure Awareness. This integration results in a transformed life and sense of self that brings a deep understanding of purpose and well-being.

The Mystic-Wizard Experience is offered at various levels of engagement.

  • Introductory sessions are typically offered once a month. In these sessions, individuals can determine if the path is a possible fit for them.
  • Intermediate sessions allow those interested in investigating further to discern if they genuinely feel called to this path.
  • Advanced nine-week quarterly sessions offer a steady and sustainable approach to development for those called to the Way.
  • Advanced ceremonies and initiations.

All the shamanic pathworking journeys are live events accessed remotely, although some introductory sessions are held in person at conferences. All the journeys are recorded and may be accessed from the Institute for Nondual Shamanism page.

At the conclusion of each journey, there is an equally important time for reflection. Individuals can choose to share their journey, and Matthew leads the group through a collective reflection process. These reflections are the teaching and insight component of the work that allows for the integration and embodiment of the powerful symbolic messages and energies encountered in the journeys. This work is an alchemical process that alters the shape and functioning of the egoic self over time. The result is a changed sense of self and perception of the inner and outer worlds.

The work aims to facilitate spiritual growth that leads to a more profound capacity to embody the nondual natural state, a solid connection to the soul as the source of inspiration, and the ability to create a fulfilling and meaningful life. The mystical and practical goals go hand in hand. The path supports each person in living out the deeper pattern of life that the soul has for them with a sense of real purpose.