Welcome to the Journeys section of my website. The journeys were created by The Institute for Non-Dual Shamanism (NDS). I started NDS to explore the inner world and the efficacy of working with inner beings in Awakening and integrating self, soul, and spirit. I also created it to work with like-minded people looking to transform through mystical and magical exploration, transformation, and communal support. We come from many walks of life and many spiritual and religious backgrounds. Below is a summary of the process we go through so you can better understand how the journeys come to be, why they sound the way they do, and why they are all free of charge.

Please be advised that the journeys are not imaginary or fantasy stories. They give direct access to other states of consciousness and the beings that live there. Interactions in the inner realms generate real, deep, and lasting change on a conscious and unconscious level. Therefore, they are not appropriate for everyone. You should not explore these journeys if you have been diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia or a psychotic condition. The journeys are designed to open people to unconscious states and other levels of awareness. If you have the conditions mentioned above, this process could be counter-productive. Please seek professional medical and mental health advice if you have any questions concerning their appropriateness.

Since 2016, a small working group of five to ten NDS members has attended a Sunday evening journey session. Members live as far west as Portland, USA, and east to the United Kingdom and Portugal. I begin each meeting by drawing cards from several oracle decks. These cards give a sense of what we are working on that week. Often, intuitive insights and visual flashes of the places or beings we will meet come to me in the day or hours before we journey. Once the cards are drawn, I read and relate to the group the themes that are appearing on the cards. The journeys are not written out or planned formally beforehand but are initiated and inspired directly by the inner world. This process is part of what determines their esoteric nature and efficacy.

The journeys are recorded on Zoom, and the audio is uploaded to the website. The journeys are not altered. What you are experiencing is what any member of NDS is experiencing. The energies transmitted are as accessible to you as to anyone there for the live recording. The effectiveness of doing the journeys on your own has been proven many times over the years.

The various journey pathways or groupings include the following:

  • The Way of The Mystic-Wizard
  • The Quest for the Sacred Hallows
  • Individual journeys
  • Advanced Journeys

If you do not have the book, you can find the maps of the inner world and the castle on this website and purchase the book online.

A new set of advanced journeys is being created now. These will be added in late 2024. If you find this path compelling, you should do all the other journeys before you move on to the advanced ones, as they assume a deep familiarity with the inner world of the Ancient Ones.

It would help if you tackled “The Way of The Mystic-Wizard” book journeys first, then move on to the Quest for the Sacred Hallows Journeys. You can integrate the Individual Journeys at any point along the other paths.

All the journeys are offered free of charge as they are a direct link to two fundamental birthrights of every human being. First is the right to access pure unconditioned Awareness and so be liberated from the dualistic conditioned mind. Second is the right to access the inner world through the power of your imagination. The ultimate purpose of NDS is to empower people to develop their relationship with the imaginal realms and Pure Awareness and live life as an awakened, connected, and creative being.

Journeys from the Book

The Way of the Mystic-Wizard helps build a “container” in the form of a daily nondual shamanic spiritual practice. Regular connection with the soul creates a more flexible, open, joyful, and authentic self that can then work to manifest the life potential that has been waiting to be born.

The Way of the Mystic-Wizard draws on numerous traditions and encourages readers to seek teachings and practices that best serve their development. The path of the Mystic-Wizard brings forth the power, beauty, and wisdom of each person’s unique spiritual expression.

Individual Journeys

You can integrate the Individual Journeys at any point along the other paths.

Quest for the 5 Hallows

Welcome to the Quest for the Sacred Hallows. The Quest is divided into journeys related to the different hallows. The Quest is designed as a process, so it is strongly advised you start at the beginning of the spear quest and work your way through it. The magic is in the journey, not the completion.

Journaling critical points of your journey and leaving space between them for integration and reflection is also advised. The Quest was initially designed as a year-long process that several students undertook together, meeting each week with a more extended break between each hallow.

Advanced Journeys

The journeys that follow are both deep and powerful. They assume a considerable experience with the inner world and the Ancient Ones. They also assume a mastery and familiarity with travelling the inner world.