Upcoming Events

Mystic Wizard Experience – Zoom workshop
July 10, 2022, 7:00 PM to 8:30/9:00 PM UK Time (The workshop takes more or less time depending on circumstances. But the minimum is 1.5 hours)
Cost: £15 or $18.50 – Register here
This workshop is experiential and will involve a journey to the inner world and direct contact with the spirits that support this path as well as direct mystical transmission of the unconditioned state. This workshop will also assist you in developing and maintaining a sustainable daily nondual-shamanic practice that is a container for powerful spiritual growth and transformation.

July 15, 2022: Book launch event – Atlantis Books, London

July 21-24, 2022: Mystic Wizard Experience workshops – Wider Horizons young adult summer retreat 

July 2022, TBA: Thoth-Hermes Podcast

 July 2022, TBA: Interview on Druid cast Podcast

Previous Events

June 13, 2022: Tea with a Druid 2 

June 9, 2022: Tea with a Druid 1

June 6-7, 2022: Mystic Wizard Experience: OBOD summer workshop and author panel in Glastonbury

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