Institute for Nondual Shamanism

Welcome to the Institute for Nondual Shamanism

What is Nondual Shamanism?


Nonduality, or formless mysticism, is an ongoing exploration into our true nature as pure unconditioned Awareness, our most basic awake consciousness.


Shamanism explores the many ways humanity has developed to work with the inner realms and inner-world beings that support creativity and human evolution.

Nondual Shamanism

Nonduality and shamanism combined (NDS) explore how these two human fields of inquiry can be bridged and engaged in ways that create meaningful change for individuals seeking both awakening and an embodied purpose-driven life.


Matthew is a nondual-shamanic spiritual teacher, poet, and novelist. Prior to his retirement after 25 years of service in 2022, Matthew was a founding educational leader of a highly successful and innovative American high school for the arts. Today, his primary interest is how nondual insight can be combined with a daily spiritual shamanic practice. His goal is to help individuals connect with their souls, awaken spiritually, and build an authentic life of purpose and meaning.


Matthew approaches life from an integral, nondual and shamanic perspective of reality. The inner world is a vivid and alive place, and it affects the outer world and the creative process of co-creating a life path. Matthew uses both journeys into the inner world and external world travels to inform and transform his perspective, and continually seeks to evolve and fully embody his soul and pure Awareness.

Heart of Service

Matthew specializes in leading groups and individuals on inner-world journeys for the purpose of transformation and awakening through Nondual Shamanic mentoring and teaching.

Our Mission, Goal & Functions

Vision Statement

To bring the path of nondual shamanism to all those people who will truly benefit.


To become a recognized and respected spiritual path that provides a genuine living tradition for those called to it, and to create opportunities for meaningful fellowship and teaching.


NDS will become a recognized and respected pathway and school in the Nondual and Shamanic spiritual communities with many free resources for those called to the path. ​

NDS will have as its goal to help students develop a sustainable daily NDS practice and to live life from the NDS perspective.

Funding for the Institute of NDS will come from donations and services for hire.

What NDS does differently

NDS combines practices and teachings of the Nondual tradition with the inner guidance and transformative potential of the shamanic tradition to help create an integral daily practice that becomes a container for spiritual awakening and a flourishing life. 

What NDS does not do

NDS does not teach all the traditional elements of shamanism that other organizations such as the Sacred Trust offer.

NDS is specifically for the individual looking primarily to use these two pathways of spiritual endeavor for spiritual and alchemical growth so as to help in manifesting a personally meaningful, creative and authentic life. ​

NDS is not engaged in the traditional treatment of mental health or in many of the practices of classical shamanism such as psychopomp work, healing, extraction, or other shamanic medicinal techniques involving herbs or hallucinogens.