Quest for the Hallows

Quest for the Sacred Hallows

Welcome to the quest for the sacred hallows. The quest is divided into journeys related to the different hallows. The quest is designed as a process so it is strongly advised you start at the beginning of the spear quest and work your way through and not cherry pick ones that look ‘interesting’. The magic is in the journey not the completion.

It is also advised to journal key points of your journey and leave space between each one for integration and reflection. The quest was originally designed as year long process that several students undertook together, meeting each week with a longer break between each hallow.

Spear Quest

Shadow Realm Hut
Cottage of Mist
Cave of the Guardian
Tower of Contemplation
Gate of Fire
Claiming the Spear

Grail Quest

Quest initiation
Pool of Golden Waters
The Hidden Hut
The Broken Well
The Grail King
Grail Tower
Green Knight Goddess of Winter

Stone Quest

Chalk Circle
Staglord Cave
The Foundation Stone
The Forger
The Blue Crystal
Stone Hallow Quest

Sword Quest

The Lady of the Lake
The Field Found
The Collector
The Eagle
The Great mother
Weaving the Hallows Ceremony